There are only 4 spots left in the STEM Leaders professional development program for 2018! Thank you to the 2017 STEM Leaders participants for sharing your positive 2017 learning experiences with your colleagues. They have all jumped at the opportunity to participate! If you are a school leader and you would like your school to […]

I recently came across this ‘new’ thinking routine which I think could be used across all areas of primary to stimulate inquiry. I say new, but actually it is only new to me. It is from the Harvard Zero Maker Centred Classroom course and I was introduced to it through GeekyTeachers. Now most of you […]

How do we integrate digital technologies with the Inquiry Cycle? Australia has recently introduced a digital technologies curriculum and many teachers are asking the question, “How do I fit this in as well?”. Fortunately, Inquiry based learning takes an integrated approach so rather than scheduling time for digital technologies in the timetable, Inquiry teachers will […]

In Santa Barbara, California, The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) run a program called Kids Do Ecology. This inquiry based program is for primary school students and includes a website and a ‘Scientists in the Classroom’  program. Kids Do Ecology is based on the scientific method of inquiry and has a major […]

Dr Bobby Moore, President and CEO of EPIC Impact Education Group, has outlined the positive impact of Collective Teacher Efficacy. Teacher Collective Efficacy is a state of  belief held collectively by the teaching faculty. When the Collective Teacher Efficacy is positive, all staff members believe that together, they are able to successfully implement the policies […]