Dr Bobby Moore, President and CEO of EPIC Impact Education Group, has outlined the positive impact of Collective Teacher Efficacy. Teacher Collective Efficacy is a state of  belief held collectively by the teaching faculty. When the Collective Teacher Efficacy is positive, all staff members believe that together, they are able to successfully implement the policies promoted by the school to have an impact on their students. All staff would word towards the same philosophy and support one another in their endeavors for the greater good of the school, staff and students.

Just take a little pause there to bathe in the glorifying light that surrounds you while you picture working at such a blessed school.

Now, the reason why Collective Teacher Efficacy is so unheard of is because vary rarely is it ever achieved. I believe that most schools aspire to achieving Collective Teacher Efficacy but I have only once visited a school where I believed it was plausible. I hope this is not always the case.

I see two clear options for teachers aspiring towards working in a school with Collective Teacher Efficacy. Both options require teachers to do some reflective thinking and take steps towards making a change.

  1. Collective Teacher Efficacy: Take a moment and write down your own personal teaching philosophy. Think about how you believe students learn and which teaching pedagogies align with your philosophy? Now start researching to find a school with a philosophy that aligns with your own. It sounds simple enough. Make an appointment to take a tour of the school and arrange to meet the principal. Outline your philosophy and your quest to work in an environment with Collective Teacher Efficacy. A transformational leader would really take notice of a prospective employee outlining such a goal. Hopefully they offer you a job on the spot! If making such a big change is not an option for you at the moment then perhaps Community Collective Teacher Efficacy is for you.
  2. Community Collective Teacher Efficacy: Now is the time to become a leader in your community. Leaders do not need fancy titles or name badges. Leaders are people who have a goal and do something about achieving that goal. If your goal is to work with people who share your beliefs on the best ways to teach students, then become the leader of a group! Your group may only start with you and one other teacher. That is enough to get a conversation going to discuss success stories and difficulties and to ask for and give advice. Don’t limit your group to your school. Invite teachers from other schools so you can learn from them and visa versa. It is highly unlikely that all staff from your school share your teaching philosophy, but it is almost certain that another teacher from a school in your wider community does. Perhaps your version of Collective Teacher Efficacy will be between members of your supportive group rather than those from your school. Let’s call this Community Collective Teacher Efficacy.

What ever your method of Collective Teacher Efficacy, the most important starting point is understanding your own personal teaching philosophy. Take some time out of your busy teaching schedule and remind yourself of what you truly believe in.

Collective Teacher Efficacy is something we, as teachers, should all aspire to. I know I certainly do.



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