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The STEM Leaders professional development program was again a success in 2018. Thank you to the 2018 participants for sharing your STEM learning experiences. If you are a motivated primary school teacher wanting to join a dedicated group of teachers interested in integrating STEM in the classroom, then please email Melinda Golinski at  to […]

I recently came across this ‘new’ thinking routine which I think could be used across all areas of primary to stimulate inquiry. I say new, but actually it is only new to me. It is from the Harvard Zero Maker Centred Classroom course and I was introduced to it through GeekyTeachers. Now most of you […]

How do we integrate digital technologies with the Inquiry Cycle? Australia has recently introduced a digital technologies curriculum and many teachers are asking the question, “How do I fit this in as well?”. Fortunately, Inquiry based learning takes an integrated approach so rather than scheduling time for digital technologies in the timetable, Inquiry teachers will […]

In Santa Barbara, California, The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) run a program called Kids Do Ecology. This inquiry based program is for primary school students and includes a website and a ‘Scientists in the Classroom’  program. Kids Do Ecology is based on the scientific method of inquiry and has a major […]

Dr Bobby Moore, President and CEO of EPIC Impact Education Group, has outlined the positive impact of Collective Teacher Efficacy. Teacher Collective Efficacy is a state of  belief held collectively by the teaching faculty. When the Collective Teacher Efficacy is positive, all staff members believe that together, they are able to successfully implement the policies […]